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Overwatch PIT Championship
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May 29, 2018

After two successful events, OGA Overwatch PIT is coming back for a third season.

One Game Agency is happy to announce Season 3 of Overwatch PIT. The event will run from May 31st to June 12th and will feature two separate regional tournaments for North America and Europe. 

Eight teams will fight it out in each region for a combined prize pool of $20,000 USD. The tournament will have a double elimination format, with Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket champions meeting in the Grand Finals.

Prize distribution will be as follows:

1st place – $4500
2nd place – $2500
3rd place – $1800
4th place – $1200

One Game Agency is excited to announce that the following teams will be competing in Overwatch PIT Season 3:

North America



Mirage Sport


NRG Esports

EnVision Esports

No Clout

Last Night’s Leftovers




Eagle Gaming

CIS Hope

Birb Bois

Samsung Morning Stars Blue

Northern Lights

Koord Narwhals

OGA Overwatch PIT Season 3 is made possible by the support of our generous partners:

Sapphire Technology
Western Digital
Red Bull

April 16, 2017

After intense weeks of Group Stages and Playoffs, 2 teams came on top to meet in the North American Grand finals, Rogue and Team Liquid. Most would say that Rogue is big favourite entering this matchup, as their win to lose ratio is 17-3. Rogue also showed us that it’s possible for them to drop maps, as they narrowly beat Selfless Gaming in the Upper bracket finals. Team Liquid had a bumpy start in playoffs, as they lost to Selfless Gaming in Semi-finals, dropping down to Loser bracket, and fighting their way to Grand finals from there.

First map was Kings Row, and since Rogue had a better seed they had a choice of selecting side, as they opted for defence. Rogue was set composition that they ran through majority of the tournament, known as the „Dive“, while Team Liquid went for Mercy and Pharah instead of Ana and Soldier while the rest of composition remained identical to Rogue’s. After several attacking attempts by Liquid, they decided to swap Pharah for Solider as they had little success with previous composition. Rogue successfully defends 1st objective, making it very hard for Liquid to make anything on starting map. Once the sides swapped, it took Rogue 3 minutes to cap the point and win map number one, as Liquid had a very solid defence for quite a while.

Second map was selected by Liquid and it was played on Illios. First point was played on Lighthouse as both teams went for Pharah and mercy combo, with Liquid having single tank Winston, while Rogue went for Diva and Winston. Liquid dominated this point, as they were getting picks all the time, not letting Rogue get a single percent of the point. Second point was Ruins, as both teams decide to go Widow maker. Initially AKM was getting more picks at the start, but as the game progressed, ID caught up. In the end, it wasn’t enough, as Rogue even out the score. Third point was played on Well, as yet again both teams ran compositions from the Lighthouse. Fights went into Team Liquid’s favour, as they were getting initial picks all the time. Rogue tried swapping Pharah for Solider, and they managed to cap the point, but only once Liquid had 99%. French team did manage to get to 99%, as they played very aggressive once in control of the point, but it wasn’t enough, as the last team fight went into Liquid’s favour. For the fourth point, we were once again back on Lighthouse, but this time, Rogue went for Soldier from the start, instead of Pharah. Both teams had a control of the point for some time, but it ended in Rouge’s favour as they were the one winning the important team fights this time. Deciding point was played on Ruins, and this time as well Rogue went for Solider, instead of Widowmaker, as Liquid ran same composition as before. At the end, Liquid takes the last point with incredible retake, and secure themselves a map point.

Third map was Dorado, as Rogue opted for defence. Team Liquid decided to go with Widowmaker for the 1st objective, as we didn’t see many teams taking this hero for payload maps throughout the tournament. Rogue was playing aggressive at start, but it didn’t really work out, as Liquid capped the first point fairly quickly. Once they did, they swapped Widowmaker to Solider. Liquid did managed to finish second objective as well, but fell short on the third one, as they only finish nearly half of it. Once the sides swapped, Rogue couldn’t be stopped, as they kept on pushing the payload, finishing the map and taking a 2-1 lead over Liquid.

Last map was played on Lijiang Tower, as Team Liquid once again opted for control map. First point was played on Control Centre with both teams running Winston as a single tank in their composition. Only difference was Pharah and Mercy on the side of Liquid, and Ana and Genji on the side of Rogue. Initially, Liquid acquired 99% of the point, before Rogue started to slowly crawl back into it, and eventually winning the 1st point. Second point was played on Garden, and even thought this point is very good for Pharah, Rogue decided to go yet again with Solider, as Liquid stayed with Pharah. Rogue did however ran two tanks composition, with Diva that is very good at stopping Pharah doing much damage. This did prove out to be correct as Rogue completely shut down Liquid, as they’re only able to cap the point once Rogue had 99%. At this time, French team was charging ultimates, and once they did, they clean up Liquid, and secure themselves second point. Third point was played on Night market and this point was most dynamic as both of the teams had control of the point back and forth, but it was Liquid that pulled it at the end, as both teams acquired 99%. For the fourth point, we were back at Control Centre, and this time it was Liquid that went for double tank composition, with Diva and Winston. Majority of the time, Liquid had upper hand on this point, but once Rogue managed to get couple of team fights going their way, it was all over for Team Liquid, as Rogue is crowned as North American Overwatch Pit Champion.

April 15, 2017

After intense weeks of Group Stages and Playoffs, 2 teams came on top to meet in the Grand finals, Movistar Riders and eUnited. Even though Movistar Riders and eUnited played in the Upper bracket finals before, where Movistar completely dominated eUnited, we were up for 5 map match in Grand finals, where it came down to the wire on who is going to be the European champion.
First map of Grand Finals was played on Dorado. As Movistar Riders came from Upper bracket, they had a choice to select side, as they opted for defence. Right off the start, Movistar took aggressive positions, being ready to fight eUnited as soon as they came out of spawn. Both teams were running similar compositions knows as the „dive “composition for 1st checkpoint, with only difference being Pharah on Unfixed and Finnsi on solider. First two attacks Movistar defended well, but as soon as eUnited got couple of picks, they pass the point with ease. eUnited passed the second checkpoint without much of a hiccup, as they used their ultimates in the right time. Kruise was doing his job well as Genji, as he managed to get couple of kills each time he used Dragon Blade. At the end, Movistar Riders defended the last point, with the payload being near completion.

Once the sides swapped, both teams used same composition with eUnited deciding to defend at the market at start, unlike Movistar that played way more aggressive. It didn’t make much of a difference as both teams lost 1st checkpoint fairly quickly. eUnited was somewhat force to play aggressive on the second point, and it paid off as they successfully defended, and took the lead in series, 1-0.

Next map was Nepal, and it’s not strange that Movistar Riders decided to pick control map, as they’ve had high win rate on such maps throughout the whole tournament. First point was Sanctrum, and both teams decided to stick with the compositions that they ran on previous map. Both of the teams had equal control of the point till 60%, as team fights went both ways. eUnited did claim 1st point at the end, with a good retake, having previously capped at 99%. Second point was Village. Initial fight took place on the high ground, as eUnited managed to score team kill, having quite a bit on lead in the ultimates department, as well as point. Unfortunately for eUnited, that was the only fight they won on this point, as Movistar Riders steamrolled every other fight, equalizing the score. Third point was played on Shrine, and yet again eUnited took the initial fight. And this time as well it wasn’t enough, as Movistar retakes seemed to be on point. The Fourth point was played on Village yet again, as eUnited did way better than the previous time, not doing major mistakes once they got the point first. They win the fourth point without letting Movistar get a single percent, as they even the score. Last point played on Shrine, and this point was fairly one sided, as Movistar dominated every fight, making the series even, 1-1.

Third map was selected by eUnited, and it was played on Route 66. Movistar Riders started on defence and once again they decided to play aggressive outside eUnited spawn. It didn’t really turn out that well for them, as eUnited finished the 1st point with 4:30 time left. Interesting to note is that eUnited ran Zenyatta on Rubikon, while Movistar decided to go with Ana on Dante, and this was the only difference in the team compositions. All three checkpoints were finished by eUnited, with 1:14 left on the clock. On defence, eUnited tried to defend the 1st point while playing at the gas station, which didn’t work in their favour as both teams had similar time after acquiring first checkpoint. On the last point, eUnited swapped Soldier and Winton, for Reinhardt and Zarya, trying to change things. Movistar Riders managed to complete the point, with 30 seconds advantage over eUnited, heading into second attempt. After poor attack by eUnited, Movistar Riders closed out the map quickly as they secured payload more than eUnited did in the first 30 seconds, taking the lead in the series.

Forth Map was played on Lijiang tower. Starting point was played on Night Market. Most of the fights for this point were happening outside, as both teams capped 99%. However, eUnited did take the lead as they won the last fight in overtime. Second point was played on Garden, and interesting thing to note for this point is that none of the teams decided to go for Road Hog, which could be very useful to pull heroes of the map. Once again both of the teams capped 99%, and this time as well, eUnited got a better end of last fight, making it 2:0. Last point was played on Control centre. Both teams decided to go directly to the point, taking the fight head on. First fight went heavily into eUnited favour, as Movistar was unable to land any of the kills. For a short time, it did look like Movistar would get back into this point, but eUnited managed to combine ultimates with good timing, closing out the map with 3-0 victory.
Fifth and last map of the series was selected by Movistar Riders, as they decide to finish the set on Kings Row, starting on defence. eUnited storms the starting objective in the first attack. Once eUnited reached last objective they had 4 minutes to finish it, also for the last push they decided to go as well with Zarya and Reinhardt as they did with previous payload map. eUnited finished all objectives having 2:03 left on the clock. Movistar’s attack wasn’t as fast as eUnited’s, as they were slowed down by considerable amount on 1st objective. They finish all objectives with 1:04 less time than eUnited. On second attempt, Movistar Riders did amazing attack, making it to half of third checkpoint with only a minute left in total. CWoosh on Pharah did great job, as nobody could counter him, since eUnited had no hero that could effectively deal with him. Once the sides swapped, eUnited won 1st objective quickly, having only 30 seconds left to reach the distance of Movistar’s payload. In the end, there wasn’t enough time for eUnited, as Movistar Riders are the First European champions of Overwatch Pit League.

Following is the short interview with Movistar Riders and how they feel about their performance in the tournament. The questions are as following;

How do you guys feel right now? Is this something you expected?

Riders Sens – We feel sooooo happy and exhausted right now. We’d been working soooo hard to achieve this. From the beginning we always wanted to win but we knew it was going to be extremly hard to do it. Hard work pays off.

Do you think eUnited adjusted to your play well after your first encounter in Upper bracket finals where you had a 3-0 victory ? What was different today? Why do you think the match was so close this time?

Riders Sens – I think they kept playing their own style, with some adjusts ofc but after 2 bo5 the day before, they didn’t had time to change too much so we expected this gameplay. Despite the score, yesterday the games were so close, same with today. They are a really good team and they punish every single mistake.

Is there any other team you expected in finals, other than eUnited? What team made the best impression on you?

Riders Sens – Actually, there are a lot of good teams on Europe and we are all very close imo. Misfits, eUnited, Dignitas or NiP could had reach the finals without doubt. Misfits, eUnited and vivi’s adventure did the best impressions, at least for me. But like I said before, every single top team in Europe is so hard to beat. Also Hammers, despite they didn’t perform that well this time.

What do you think about our tournament? Would you change anything, and how would you rate it?

Riders Sens – The tournament was amazing. We are so happy right now and that’s because of those who were involve in making this tournament possible. For the next one, I think it would be nice to have more info related with maps, calendar and so on, or at least to notify the teams with more time. Also, could had been nice to have at least 1 day or 2 to prepare the Grand Final. Overall, hope you guys keep doing it. 9/10 Tournament.



March 28, 2017

The final day of the European Group 1 stage brought us some interesting matchups. The matches would decide the 4th place in the group, then leading to the playoff phases of the tournament. At the start of the new week, the maps pool changed which makes things even more exciting and more unpredictable as so far, we haven’t seen teams play on these maps yet. Laser Kittenz needed to beat both GO, and EX- ROX had to lose versus eUnited for them to advance, while GO just had to win their series to advance to the playoff stage. Laser Kittenz also swapped out Zaprey for Spazzo as they entered todays set.

The opening match featured GamersOrigin and Laser Kittenz. The starting map was Hollywood, as GO opened the match as attack, and only managed to finish the first checkpoint, with only more then half of the 2nd objective completed. Interestingly, Laser Kittenz played a very agressive defensive game, not allowing GO to get their game up and execute things how they wanted. Once Laser Kittenz swapped to attack, thy found it fairly easy, only being briefly stopped on second checkpoint.
On the second map, Nepal was picked by GO. Things didn’t go as planned for GO, as they found themselves quickly 0-2 down, with some crucial mistakes as they left nobody on point while both teams had 99%. At the end, the match was closed out with Laser Kittenz winning, with a 3-1 scoreline, and a 2-0 set victory.
The second match was more of a seeding matter, as both Ninjas in Pyjamas and Vivi’s Adventure advanced to the playoffs phase of the tournament. The starting map was Volskaya industries which NiP managed to win on the second attack round on the first point, as Vivi’s Adventure failed to capture it.

Vivi’s Adventure opted for Nepal next, as it proved to be not the most ideal choice for them. NiP took the map convincingly with Vivi only winning Shrine as their single point on the map.
Last series of the day between EX-ROX and eUnited decided everything for the CIS side, as a win would make them advance over Laser Kittenz since they managed to beat them 2-1. The first map was Numbani, which ended up in a draw, as both teams managed to finish the map with almost no time left. In the second attack attempt, both teams failed to aquire the first checkpoint. A tie breaker was played on Oasis in a BO3 format, where both teams won a single point each, before eUnited managed to claim the last one, winning map number one.
Nepal was seleted next by CIS side, as they found themselves 0-2 down very quickly. They managed to win control point Shrine and Village back in the next 2 points, but ultimately lost 3:2, as eUnited claimed the last point.

Congratulations to the teams that advanced to the playoffs. Make sure to tune in tommorow (28.03) when our second European Group starts.

March 21, 2017

Overwatch Pit Championship Group Stages have been pushed from 20th of march till 23th due to a game patch being released next week. As a result, we are giving few extra days to teams, so they can adjust to the game changes that will be implemented to the game.

Today we’re also announcing our first European group which will be played in a round robin format. 4 teams from each group will be advancing to the playoff phase of the tournament. First European group consists of the following teams;

  1. NIP
  2. Laser Kittenz
  3. Gamers origins
  4. EX Tornado ROX
  5. eUnited
  6. Vivi’s Adventure

The schedule for this group is as follows, and is also a schedule for week 1 of Overwatch Pit Championship.

Matches played on 23.03

Group 1 EU:

Match 1 – 18:00 CEST (NIP vs Laser Kittenz)

Match 2 – 19:30 CEST (Gamers Origins vs EX Tornado ROX)

Match 3 – 21:00 CEST (eUnited vs Vivi’s Adventure)

Matches played on 24.03

Group 1 EU:

Match 1 – 18:00 CEST (NIP vs eUnited)

Match 2 – 19:30 CEST (Laser Kittenz vs EX Tornado ROX)

Match 3 – 21:00 CEST (Gamers origins vs Vivi’s Adventure)

Matches played on 25.03

Group 1 EU:

Match 1 – 18:00 CEST (Gamers Origins vs eUnited)

Match 2 – 19:30 CEST (NIP vs EX Tornado ROX)

Match 3 – 21:00 CEST (Laser Kittenz vs Vivi’s Adventure)

Matches played on 26.03

Group 1 EU:

Match 1 – 18:00 CEST (NIP vs Gamers Origins)

Match 2 – 19:30 CEST (eUnited vs Laser Kittenz)

Match 3 – 21:00 CEST (EX Tornado ROX vs Vivi’s Adventure)

Matches played on 27.03

Group 1 EU:

Match 1 – 18:00 CEST (Gamers Origins vs Laser Kittenz)

Match 2 – 19:30 CEST (NIP vs Vivi’s Adventure)

Match 3 – 21:00 CEST (eUnited vs EX Tornado ROX)