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Final day of #1 European Group

March 28, 2017

The final day of the European Group 1 stage brought us some interesting matchups. The matches would decide the 4th place in the group, then leading to the playoff phases of the tournament. At the start of the new week, the maps pool changed which makes things even more exciting and more unpredictable as so far, we haven’t seen teams play on these maps yet. Laser Kittenz needed to beat both GO, and EX- ROX had to lose versus eUnited for them to advance, while GO just had to win their series to advance to the playoff stage. Laser Kittenz also swapped out Zaprey for Spazzo as they entered todays set.

The opening match featured GamersOrigin and Laser Kittenz. The starting map was Hollywood, as GO opened the match as attack, and only managed to finish the first checkpoint, with only more then half of the 2nd objective completed. Interestingly, Laser Kittenz played a very agressive defensive game, not allowing GO to get their game up and execute things how they wanted. Once Laser Kittenz swapped to attack, thy found it fairly easy, only being briefly stopped on second checkpoint.
On the second map, Nepal was picked by GO. Things didn’t go as planned for GO, as they found themselves quickly 0-2 down, with some crucial mistakes as they left nobody on point while both teams had 99%. At the end, the match was closed out with Laser Kittenz winning, with a 3-1 scoreline, and a 2-0 set victory.
The second match was more of a seeding matter, as both Ninjas in Pyjamas and Vivi’s Adventure advanced to the playoffs phase of the tournament. The starting map was Volskaya industries which NiP managed to win on the second attack round on the first point, as Vivi’s Adventure failed to capture it.

Vivi’s Adventure opted for Nepal next, as it proved to be not the most ideal choice for them. NiP took the map convincingly with Vivi only winning Shrine as their single point on the map.
Last series of the day between EX-ROX and eUnited decided everything for the CIS side, as a win would make them advance over Laser Kittenz since they managed to beat them 2-1. The first map was Numbani, which ended up in a draw, as both teams managed to finish the map with almost no time left. In the second attack attempt, both teams failed to aquire the first checkpoint. A tie breaker was played on Oasis in a BO3 format, where both teams won a single point each, before eUnited managed to claim the last one, winning map number one.
Nepal was seleted next by CIS side, as they found themselves 0-2 down very quickly. They managed to win control point Shrine and Village back in the next 2 points, but ultimately lost 3:2, as eUnited claimed the last point.

Congratulations to the teams that advanced to the playoffs. Make sure to tune in tommorow (28.03) when our second European Group starts.