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Final day of #2 European Group

April 3, 2017

The first set of the day featured Hammers Esports up against Misfits who have won all of the games so far in the group stage phase. The starting map was Nepal. Shrine went quick in Misfits favour as HE managed to capture less than half of the point. The second point was a fierce battle as Hammers Esports evened up the score. With some good play, and well-timed ultimates, they managed to come from behind and capture the village. Interestingly, Tviq did a lot with Pharah, getting multiple kills each time he had a rocket barrage. The third point was fought on Sanctrum, and this point was completely dominated by Hammers Esports as Misfits acquired 0% of the point. For the fourth point, we were back at Shrine, and this time, Hammers Esports adapted to the mistakes they made from the first time they played this point, as they closed out nepal with 3:1 win.
The second map was Hanamura, chosen by Misfits, as it seems to be their map of choice in this Group Stage phase. They opted for defence which is considered to the the easier side on this map. After HE captured 1st point in quick fashion, it took them a while to finish the second objective, with only 43 seconds on the clock. One could argue that even finishing the second point is hard enough. Once the side swapped, Misfits finished the second objective rather quickly, as they snowballed from the 1st point, having more than 3 minutes left for the second round. Nevix contributed a lot with his genji’s dragon blade, as he swiped enemies coming from spawn very quickly. At the end, Misfits evened out the series, capturing the 1st point, after a failed attempt from HE as they had little time to complete the objective.
The final map in the series was Hollywood, as Hammers Esports decided to start on the attacking side. They completed the side with 0 seconds left on the clock. Snizzlenose’s hooks played an important role on the attack, as he has been doing well on Road Hog throughout the tournament. Misfit’s attack was the same as HE’s as both teams ended up attacking sides in overtime. After both teams second attempt, the map ended up in a draw, and a tiebreaker was played on Oasis, over a best of three points. Misfits took both points in quick fashion, as their composition and team fights seemed way better then HE’s. They ended up as thr first team that went undefeated in the series throughout the whole group stages, with a flawless score of 5-0.

The second map was between EX ALTERNATE and Movistar Riders. The opening map was Volskaya Industries as Movistar Riders started on attack. They capped both points with a little over 3 minutes left on the clock, as they snowballed after the 1st point , which took them a short while to acquire. After the sides swapped, EX ALTERNATE went for a solo tank composition, which also included Widow Maker on Invision, but this didn’t bring them any success. Once they swapped the composition, they managed to capture the 1st point, as Movistar Riders secured the first map.
The next map was Hollywood, EX ALTERNATE pick, as they started as defence. Movistar finished the 1st side with 1:19 on the clock.

Once the sides swapped, EX ALTERNATE didn’t manage to win the last point, even though they had 4 minute on the clock after the second point to complete it. Movistar Raiders finished the series with 2-0 victory.

The last set for European Group two was Dignitas against Singularity Ninjas. The starting map was Numbani as Dignitas opted for defence. Their defence proved to be too hard to handle on the first point for Singularity as they didn’t even finish the first objective. Linkzr had some good plays as genji on this side. Once the sides swapped, Dignitas captured the first point in the first attack, as they won map number one.

Singularity selected Nepal as their map of choice. In the first two points, the teams played evenly, as Singularity won Sanctrum, as Dignitas won the Village. The third point was played on Shrine, where Singularity reached 99%, before Dignitas started to make a comeback, and win themselves a point. The fourth point was played yet again on Village, where Dignitas yet again proved to be a better team, as they closed out Nepal with a 3-1 scoreline.

That was it for European Group 2. We would like to congratulate the teams that have progressed to the playoffs. Make sure to follow North American Group Stage, as things are getting interesting.