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Final day of #2 North American Group

April 9, 2017

As the last day of North American Group #2 was about to be played, only the 4th team was undecided. That final spot would be decided from the match between Tempo Storm and Faze Clan. Teams already qualified were – Rogue, Team Liquid, and Luminosity Gaming Loyal.

The opening match featured Luminosity gaming Loyal and Team Liquid. LG started on defence, as Team Liquid captured the 1st point on their secound attempt, playing Dive composition, a composition we have seen alot of during the Group Stages, mostly by Rogue. The second objective was also captured by Team Liquid, as LG put up little resistance. For the last point, Liquid completed with 2:28 to run on the clock. After the sides had swapped, Loyal went for a similar attacking composition, as they swapped out solider for Pharah. As soon as LG managed to pass the 1st objective, Team Liquid played agressively which ended the game in their favour, as Loyal were unable to cross the bridge, and complete the second objective.

The Second map was Kings Row, with LG starting on defence yet again. Liquid completed the map with 2:38 left on the clock, experiencing trouble on the last objective. Once the sides had swapped, Loyal narrowly finished all three objectives, with zero time left on the clock. The second attempt was only on Team Liquid, as they could only draw the map from this point. Team Liquid finished the series with a fast attack, as Luminosity were unable to defend the first point.

The secound set was played between Rogue and Luminosity Gaming Loyal. Rogue showed alot of skill during this qualifier, and they only needed this win to register a 5-0 whitewash during the Group Stages. The starting map was Illios and the first point was Lighthouse. Rogue acquired 99% of the point, before LG slowly started to claw back, but at the end it wasn’t enough and Rogue secured themselves the 1st point. The second point was ruins, as LG opted to get Widowmaker on Olbaa. This point worked perfect for Luminosity as Rogue didn’t get even 1% of the point. The third point was played on well, as both teams decided not to pick Road Hog on this point. Rogue got this one point and the last one, as they secured 3:1 victory on Illios.

The next map was Kings Row, as Rogue started on defence. LG managed to get both the first point and second point. On the third point, Rogue pushed Luminosity back, as they hadn’t completed much of the third objective, finishing with only 2 objectives completed on the attack. Once Rogue switched on attack there was little Luminosity could have done, as they pushed the payload till the point Luminosity did, with 4:33 left on the clock. They closed out the series with 2-0 victory.

The last set was the most exciting one, as teams fought for the last playoff spot in the group. The starting map was Dorado, as Tempo Storm opted to start on attack. They finished the attacking side with 1:14 left on the clock. Faze Clan defended well on the 1st point, with Zombs getting some good tactical visor kills. Once the sides swapped, Tempo Storm defended second point well, buying a lot of time. Once they reached third point, Faze had around 2 minutes to finish the third objective, which wasn’t enough, as Tempo combined their ultimates well, and successfully defended the last point.

The second map was Illios, selected by Faze Clan, which seemed like a good choice as Tempo Storm didn’t play that well on Illios compared to the other teams.The first point on Lighthouse went in favour of Faze Clan. The secound point was played on Ruins, which Faze Clan aquired till 90% before Tempo Storm started to get back into it, however it wasn’t enough, as Faze won that point as well. The third point was played on Well, which turned into classic Pharah plus mercy combo. Faze Clan again reached 99% while Tempo had none, and once again, Tempo Storm started slowly to get back into it. At the end Faze Clan finished the map with 3:0 score.

The Deciding map was Kings Row. Tempo Storm selected the attacking side. It took them some time to get to the 1st objective, but as soon as they gathered a few ultimates, they successfully did so. The second point Tempo Storm had it uncontested. At end they got the last objective with 1:51 left on the clock. Faze Clan attack was quicker, as they finished the map with 3:35 time left. Tempo Storm attacked first from the second time, and they failed to finish the first objective with the time they had left.
The DreamKazper was playing very well on Mccree but it wasn’t enough for them to finish the objective. Faze Clan finished the first point convincingly with the time they had left, and won with a 2:1 overall score.

Congratulations to all teams that advance to the playoffs!