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Overwatch PIT Championship
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May 29, 2018

After two successful events, OGA Overwatch PIT is coming back for a third season.

One Game Agency is happy to announce Season 3 of Overwatch PIT. The event will run from May 31st to June 12th and will feature two separate regional tournaments for North America and Europe. 

Eight teams will fight it out in each region for a combined prize pool of $20,000 USD. The tournament will have a double elimination format, with Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket champions meeting in the Grand Finals.

Prize distribution will be as follows:

1st place – $4500
2nd place – $2500
3rd place – $1800
4th place – $1200

One Game Agency is excited to announce that the following teams will be competing in Overwatch PIT Season 3:

North America



Mirage Sport


NRG Esports

EnVision Esports

No Clout

Last Night’s Leftovers




Eagle Gaming

CIS Hope

Birb Bois

Samsung Morning Stars Blue

Northern Lights

Koord Narwhals

OGA Overwatch PIT Season 3 is made possible by the support of our generous partners:

Sapphire Technology
Western Digital
Red Bull

January 19, 2018

The One Game Agency is delighted to announce Season 2 of the Overwatch®PIT Championship.


Building on the global enthusiasm for Overwatch, The One Game Agency is excited to announce our upcoming event: Overwatch PIT Championship with AMD—a company that has driven innovation in high-performance computing, graphics, and visualization technologies—and SAPPHIRE Technology—a leading manufacturer and global supplier of innovative components and solutions for PC systems.

HyperX, the gaming division of Kingston Technology, is the accessories sponsor for the Overwatch PIT Championship. With gaming accessories used by pro teams around the world, HyperX accessories include gaming headsets, keyboards, mice, and mouse pads, including the recently announced new HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset with new dual chamber technology to bring the best sound to gaming.

For professional gamers, we redefine awesomeness with our selection of AOC Gaming and AGON gaming displays, which not only excel with their fast performance but also with their unique designs and gamer-specific features.

From January 22–February 28, this exclusive online event will consist of two separate tournaments for North America and Europe. The best Overwatch teams from each region will fight it out in Blizzard Entertainment’s award-winning team shooter for a share of a $20,000 USD prize pool thanks to the generous support of our wonderful partners: AMD, SAPPHIRE Technology, HyperX, GFuel, AOC Gaming, Needforseat, Strafe.

Prize distribution will be as follows:


  • 1st place – 4500$
  • 2nd place – 2500$
  • 3rd place – 1800$
  • 4th place – 1200$


Each regional tournament will feature 10 teams (each invited to compete directly) split into two group of five teams.

The group stage matches will be played in a round-robin best-of-three format, with the four top teams from each group advancing to the playoffs.

The One Game Agency team is excited to announce that the following invited teams will compete in each of the regional tournaments:

North America Region

  • TBA

European Region

  • Angry Titans
  • TBA
  • CIS Hope  
  • Those Guys
  • Eagle Gaming
  • Squid12324
  • Dose
  • Jigsaw
  • ENCE eSports  
  • Piece of Cake


The full schedule will be released in the following days.


April 16, 2017

After intense weeks of Group Stages and Playoffs, 2 teams came on top to meet in the North American Grand finals, Rogue and Team Liquid. Most would say that Rogue is big favourite entering this matchup, as their win to lose ratio is 17-3. Rogue also showed us that it’s possible for them to drop maps, as they narrowly beat Selfless Gaming in the Upper bracket finals. Team Liquid had a bumpy start in playoffs, as they lost to Selfless Gaming in Semi-finals, dropping down to Loser bracket, and fighting their way to Grand finals from there.

First map was Kings Row, and since Rogue had a better seed they had a choice of selecting side, as they opted for defence. Rogue was set composition that they ran through majority of the tournament, known as the „Dive“, while Team Liquid went for Mercy and Pharah instead of Ana and Soldier while the rest of composition remained identical to Rogue’s. After several attacking attempts by Liquid, they decided to swap Pharah for Solider as they had little success with previous composition. Rogue successfully defends 1st objective, making it very hard for Liquid to make anything on starting map. Once the sides swapped, it took Rogue 3 minutes to cap the point and win map number one, as Liquid had a very solid defence for quite a while.

Second map was selected by Liquid and it was played on Illios. First point was played on Lighthouse as both teams went for Pharah and mercy combo, with Liquid having single tank Winston, while Rogue went for Diva and Winston. Liquid dominated this point, as they were getting picks all the time, not letting Rogue get a single percent of the point. Second point was Ruins, as both teams decide to go Widow maker. Initially AKM was getting more picks at the start, but as the game progressed, ID caught up. In the end, it wasn’t enough, as Rogue even out the score. Third point was played on Well, as yet again both teams ran compositions from the Lighthouse. Fights went into Team Liquid’s favour, as they were getting initial picks all the time. Rogue tried swapping Pharah for Solider, and they managed to cap the point, but only once Liquid had 99%. French team did manage to get to 99%, as they played very aggressive once in control of the point, but it wasn’t enough, as the last team fight went into Liquid’s favour. For the fourth point, we were once again back on Lighthouse, but this time, Rogue went for Soldier from the start, instead of Pharah. Both teams had a control of the point for some time, but it ended in Rouge’s favour as they were the one winning the important team fights this time. Deciding point was played on Ruins, and this time as well Rogue went for Solider, instead of Widowmaker, as Liquid ran same composition as before. At the end, Liquid takes the last point with incredible retake, and secure themselves a map point.

Third map was Dorado, as Rogue opted for defence. Team Liquid decided to go with Widowmaker for the 1st objective, as we didn’t see many teams taking this hero for payload maps throughout the tournament. Rogue was playing aggressive at start, but it didn’t really work out, as Liquid capped the first point fairly quickly. Once they did, they swapped Widowmaker to Solider. Liquid did managed to finish second objective as well, but fell short on the third one, as they only finish nearly half of it. Once the sides swapped, Rogue couldn’t be stopped, as they kept on pushing the payload, finishing the map and taking a 2-1 lead over Liquid.

Last map was played on Lijiang Tower, as Team Liquid once again opted for control map. First point was played on Control Centre with both teams running Winston as a single tank in their composition. Only difference was Pharah and Mercy on the side of Liquid, and Ana and Genji on the side of Rogue. Initially, Liquid acquired 99% of the point, before Rogue started to slowly crawl back into it, and eventually winning the 1st point. Second point was played on Garden, and even thought this point is very good for Pharah, Rogue decided to go yet again with Solider, as Liquid stayed with Pharah. Rogue did however ran two tanks composition, with Diva that is very good at stopping Pharah doing much damage. This did prove out to be correct as Rogue completely shut down Liquid, as they’re only able to cap the point once Rogue had 99%. At this time, French team was charging ultimates, and once they did, they clean up Liquid, and secure themselves second point. Third point was played on Night market and this point was most dynamic as both of the teams had control of the point back and forth, but it was Liquid that pulled it at the end, as both teams acquired 99%. For the fourth point, we were back at Control Centre, and this time it was Liquid that went for double tank composition, with Diva and Winston. Majority of the time, Liquid had upper hand on this point, but once Rogue managed to get couple of team fights going their way, it was all over for Team Liquid, as Rogue is crowned as North American Overwatch Pit Champion.

April 15, 2017

After intense weeks of Group Stages and Playoffs, 2 teams came on top to meet in the Grand finals, Movistar Riders and eUnited. Even though Movistar Riders and eUnited played in the Upper bracket finals before, where Movistar completely dominated eUnited, we were up for 5 map match in Grand finals, where it came down to the wire on who is going to be the European champion.
First map of Grand Finals was played on Dorado. As Movistar Riders came from Upper bracket, they had a choice to select side, as they opted for defence. Right off the start, Movistar took aggressive positions, being ready to fight eUnited as soon as they came out of spawn. Both teams were running similar compositions knows as the „dive “composition for 1st checkpoint, with only difference being Pharah on Unfixed and Finnsi on solider. First two attacks Movistar defended well, but as soon as eUnited got couple of picks, they pass the point with ease. eUnited passed the second checkpoint without much of a hiccup, as they used their ultimates in the right time. Kruise was doing his job well as Genji, as he managed to get couple of kills each time he used Dragon Blade. At the end, Movistar Riders defended the last point, with the payload being near completion.

Once the sides swapped, both teams used same composition with eUnited deciding to defend at the market at start, unlike Movistar that played way more aggressive. It didn’t make much of a difference as both teams lost 1st checkpoint fairly quickly. eUnited was somewhat force to play aggressive on the second point, and it paid off as they successfully defended, and took the lead in series, 1-0.

Next map was Nepal, and it’s not strange that Movistar Riders decided to pick control map, as they’ve had high win rate on such maps throughout the whole tournament. First point was Sanctrum, and both teams decided to stick with the compositions that they ran on previous map. Both of the teams had equal control of the point till 60%, as team fights went both ways. eUnited did claim 1st point at the end, with a good retake, having previously capped at 99%. Second point was Village. Initial fight took place on the high ground, as eUnited managed to score team kill, having quite a bit on lead in the ultimates department, as well as point. Unfortunately for eUnited, that was the only fight they won on this point, as Movistar Riders steamrolled every other fight, equalizing the score. Third point was played on Shrine, and yet again eUnited took the initial fight. And this time as well it wasn’t enough, as Movistar retakes seemed to be on point. The Fourth point was played on Village yet again, as eUnited did way better than the previous time, not doing major mistakes once they got the point first. They win the fourth point without letting Movistar get a single percent, as they even the score. Last point played on Shrine, and this point was fairly one sided, as Movistar dominated every fight, making the series even, 1-1.

Third map was selected by eUnited, and it was played on Route 66. Movistar Riders started on defence and once again they decided to play aggressive outside eUnited spawn. It didn’t really turn out that well for them, as eUnited finished the 1st point with 4:30 time left. Interesting to note is that eUnited ran Zenyatta on Rubikon, while Movistar decided to go with Ana on Dante, and this was the only difference in the team compositions. All three checkpoints were finished by eUnited, with 1:14 left on the clock. On defence, eUnited tried to defend the 1st point while playing at the gas station, which didn’t work in their favour as both teams had similar time after acquiring first checkpoint. On the last point, eUnited swapped Soldier and Winton, for Reinhardt and Zarya, trying to change things. Movistar Riders managed to complete the point, with 30 seconds advantage over eUnited, heading into second attempt. After poor attack by eUnited, Movistar Riders closed out the map quickly as they secured payload more than eUnited did in the first 30 seconds, taking the lead in the series.

Forth Map was played on Lijiang tower. Starting point was played on Night Market. Most of the fights for this point were happening outside, as both teams capped 99%. However, eUnited did take the lead as they won the last fight in overtime. Second point was played on Garden, and interesting thing to note for this point is that none of the teams decided to go for Road Hog, which could be very useful to pull heroes of the map. Once again both of the teams capped 99%, and this time as well, eUnited got a better end of last fight, making it 2:0. Last point was played on Control centre. Both teams decided to go directly to the point, taking the fight head on. First fight went heavily into eUnited favour, as Movistar was unable to land any of the kills. For a short time, it did look like Movistar would get back into this point, but eUnited managed to combine ultimates with good timing, closing out the map with 3-0 victory.
Fifth and last map of the series was selected by Movistar Riders, as they decide to finish the set on Kings Row, starting on defence. eUnited storms the starting objective in the first attack. Once eUnited reached last objective they had 4 minutes to finish it, also for the last push they decided to go as well with Zarya and Reinhardt as they did with previous payload map. eUnited finished all objectives having 2:03 left on the clock. Movistar’s attack wasn’t as fast as eUnited’s, as they were slowed down by considerable amount on 1st objective. They finish all objectives with 1:04 less time than eUnited. On second attempt, Movistar Riders did amazing attack, making it to half of third checkpoint with only a minute left in total. CWoosh on Pharah did great job, as nobody could counter him, since eUnited had no hero that could effectively deal with him. Once the sides swapped, eUnited won 1st objective quickly, having only 30 seconds left to reach the distance of Movistar’s payload. In the end, there wasn’t enough time for eUnited, as Movistar Riders are the First European champions of Overwatch Pit League.

Following is the short interview with Movistar Riders and how they feel about their performance in the tournament. The questions are as following;

How do you guys feel right now? Is this something you expected?

Riders Sens – We feel sooooo happy and exhausted right now. We’d been working soooo hard to achieve this. From the beginning we always wanted to win but we knew it was going to be extremly hard to do it. Hard work pays off.

Do you think eUnited adjusted to your play well after your first encounter in Upper bracket finals where you had a 3-0 victory ? What was different today? Why do you think the match was so close this time?

Riders Sens – I think they kept playing their own style, with some adjusts ofc but after 2 bo5 the day before, they didn’t had time to change too much so we expected this gameplay. Despite the score, yesterday the games were so close, same with today. They are a really good team and they punish every single mistake.

Is there any other team you expected in finals, other than eUnited? What team made the best impression on you?

Riders Sens – Actually, there are a lot of good teams on Europe and we are all very close imo. Misfits, eUnited, Dignitas or NiP could had reach the finals without doubt. Misfits, eUnited and vivi’s adventure did the best impressions, at least for me. But like I said before, every single top team in Europe is so hard to beat. Also Hammers, despite they didn’t perform that well this time.

What do you think about our tournament? Would you change anything, and how would you rate it?

Riders Sens – The tournament was amazing. We are so happy right now and that’s because of those who were involve in making this tournament possible. For the next one, I think it would be nice to have more info related with maps, calendar and so on, or at least to notify the teams with more time. Also, could had been nice to have at least 1 day or 2 to prepare the Grand Final. Overall, hope you guys keep doing it. 9/10 Tournament.



April 9, 2017

After 2 weeks of intense matches, Group Stages are concluded. We have our 8 teams for each regions that will participate in Playoffs. Teams are as following.


  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Misfits
  • Movistar Riders
  • eUnited
  • Vivi’s Adventure
  • Team Dignitas
  • Laser Kittenz
  • SNG Ninjas

North America

  • Selfless Gaming
  • Rogue
  • Faze Clan
  • Team Liquid
  • Rise Nation
  • CLG
  • LG Loyal
  • LG Evil

We also asked few teams couple of questions, to see how they feel about their performance in Group Stages and upcoming Playoffs. The Questions are as following.

How would you rate your team’s performance during Group Stages? Are you satisfied with it? What was your hardest match? What do you expect in playoffs, what placement would you consider good?

NIP Seita – Going in to the group stage games we were expecting to finish first or second in our group depending on how our game with eUnited would go. We ended up performing in our match against eUnited while they might have underperformed a bit which gave us the clean 2-0 victory. Our hardest match was against Laser Kittenz where everything started smoothly with a decisive win on Eichenwalde and a 2-0 lead in Oasis, after that they were able to overcome the odds while our team wasn’t playing up to the normal standard. In the playoffs our goal is to win the tournament. We expect to be in the top3 with eUnited and Misfits, while Riders could be a possible contender for the top 3 as well. It all depends on how the teams will be able to perform on the game day.

Vivi’s VampAurora – We are satisfied with our performance during Group Stages, we had some roster instabilities which are now sorted and we are ready to unleash our potential. Our hardest matches were against NiP and eUnited but we are confident that we can overcome the difficulties and win both. We aim for the title but we consider top 4 as a good placement.

Singularity Lind – We performed quite well, we hoped to play abit close with Dignitas after our strong showing against movistar riders and Hammers esport tho, but overall we are very satisfied. Our hardest match was without a doubt against Misfits they are just so good right now and we have no experience against them. We are hoping for a good match against NiP but we are not expecting a win, we would, however, like to make it a close match!

Dignitas’s Shifty – We started off slower than we would have liked, but I liked how we played better as the Group Stage went on. No. I feel we should have gotten at least another win for me to be satisfied with it. Misfits. We got a pretty tough seeding placement which really shows how important another win in Group Stage would have been. That said, we go into each and every match with the means and expectations to win.

Selfless Crosby – Our hardest game was against LG Evil, especially Ilios, it was a real test of our ability to adapt to counter play. Evil pulled out some unique strats for us, but we managed to read it and come up with an answer, even after two demoralizing rounds. All in all, it’s hard to be disappointed with a 5-0, and hopefully the momentum keeps with us. We’re here to get first, we’ve worked our ass off for the last 2 months and performed extremely well in scrims; our expectations are very high.

Riders’s Sens – Pretty happy, considering we only lost vs Misfits and we really had a hard group. There were a lot of hard games imo. Specially againts Misfits, Dignitas and Hammers. Dignitas was pretty intense with some good comebacks from both teams. Also SNG Ninjas showed up that they were better than expected. Alternate ATTAX played quite good on their other matches, but we feel like they didnt perform that good against us, probably due to they knew they had no chance to move forward on the tournament. I expect that every single match is gonna be hard. If we want to move forward on the tourney, we will have to give it all on every match. * Related with placement, we care more about competing at our maximum level.

Laser’s Kittenz Alicus – We only got to scrim 2 days as a team prior to when the group stage began, so we were still really figuring ourselves out. We ended up making 2 role changes and subbing in spazzo, so group stage overall was abit chaotic but in the end we got the result we needed and some time to prepare for playoffs. Yes. We got the job done. Couldn’t have asked more of such a fresh roster. I genuinely believe our toughest opponent throughout that stage was ourselves. We had to iron out communications and work on playing more seamlessly, as a team. I’m not sure what to expect. We play my old team, Misfits, in the quarterfinals, they haven’t lost a series ever since they returned from Korea. We never got to scrim against them so it will be the first time we both face off, I expect it to be an exciting series. I think there’s no shame if we were to crash out to Misfits in the QF’s but I think top 2 would be good.

April 9, 2017

As the last day of North American Group #2 was about to be played, only the 4th team was undecided. That final spot would be decided from the match between Tempo Storm and Faze Clan. Teams already qualified were – Rogue, Team Liquid, and Luminosity Gaming Loyal.

The opening match featured Luminosity gaming Loyal and Team Liquid. LG started on defence, as Team Liquid captured the 1st point on their secound attempt, playing Dive composition, a composition we have seen alot of during the Group Stages, mostly by Rogue. The second objective was also captured by Team Liquid, as LG put up little resistance. For the last point, Liquid completed with 2:28 to run on the clock. After the sides had swapped, Loyal went for a similar attacking composition, as they swapped out solider for Pharah. As soon as LG managed to pass the 1st objective, Team Liquid played agressively which ended the game in their favour, as Loyal were unable to cross the bridge, and complete the second objective.

The Second map was Kings Row, with LG starting on defence yet again. Liquid completed the map with 2:38 left on the clock, experiencing trouble on the last objective. Once the sides had swapped, Loyal narrowly finished all three objectives, with zero time left on the clock. The second attempt was only on Team Liquid, as they could only draw the map from this point. Team Liquid finished the series with a fast attack, as Luminosity were unable to defend the first point.

The secound set was played between Rogue and Luminosity Gaming Loyal. Rogue showed alot of skill during this qualifier, and they only needed this win to register a 5-0 whitewash during the Group Stages. The starting map was Illios and the first point was Lighthouse. Rogue acquired 99% of the point, before LG slowly started to claw back, but at the end it wasn’t enough and Rogue secured themselves the 1st point. The second point was ruins, as LG opted to get Widowmaker on Olbaa. This point worked perfect for Luminosity as Rogue didn’t get even 1% of the point. The third point was played on well, as both teams decided not to pick Road Hog on this point. Rogue got this one point and the last one, as they secured 3:1 victory on Illios.

The next map was Kings Row, as Rogue started on defence. LG managed to get both the first point and second point. On the third point, Rogue pushed Luminosity back, as they hadn’t completed much of the third objective, finishing with only 2 objectives completed on the attack. Once Rogue switched on attack there was little Luminosity could have done, as they pushed the payload till the point Luminosity did, with 4:33 left on the clock. They closed out the series with 2-0 victory.

The last set was the most exciting one, as teams fought for the last playoff spot in the group. The starting map was Dorado, as Tempo Storm opted to start on attack. They finished the attacking side with 1:14 left on the clock. Faze Clan defended well on the 1st point, with Zombs getting some good tactical visor kills. Once the sides swapped, Tempo Storm defended second point well, buying a lot of time. Once they reached third point, Faze had around 2 minutes to finish the third objective, which wasn’t enough, as Tempo combined their ultimates well, and successfully defended the last point.

The second map was Illios, selected by Faze Clan, which seemed like a good choice as Tempo Storm didn’t play that well on Illios compared to the other teams.The first point on Lighthouse went in favour of Faze Clan. The secound point was played on Ruins, which Faze Clan aquired till 90% before Tempo Storm started to get back into it, however it wasn’t enough, as Faze won that point as well. The third point was played on Well, which turned into classic Pharah plus mercy combo. Faze Clan again reached 99% while Tempo had none, and once again, Tempo Storm started slowly to get back into it. At the end Faze Clan finished the map with 3:0 score.

The Deciding map was Kings Row. Tempo Storm selected the attacking side. It took them some time to get to the 1st objective, but as soon as they gathered a few ultimates, they successfully did so. The second point Tempo Storm had it uncontested. At end they got the last objective with 1:51 left on the clock. Faze Clan attack was quicker, as they finished the map with 3:35 time left. Tempo Storm attacked first from the second time, and they failed to finish the first objective with the time they had left.
The DreamKazper was playing very well on Mccree but it wasn’t enough for them to finish the objective. Faze Clan finished the first point convincingly with the time they had left, and won with a 2:1 overall score.

Congratulations to all teams that advance to the playoffs!

April 3, 2017

The first set of the day featured Hammers Esports up against Misfits who have won all of the games so far in the group stage phase. The starting map was Nepal. Shrine went quick in Misfits favour as HE managed to capture less than half of the point. The second point was a fierce battle as Hammers Esports evened up the score. With some good play, and well-timed ultimates, they managed to come from behind and capture the village. Interestingly, Tviq did a lot with Pharah, getting multiple kills each time he had a rocket barrage. The third point was fought on Sanctrum, and this point was completely dominated by Hammers Esports as Misfits acquired 0% of the point. For the fourth point, we were back at Shrine, and this time, Hammers Esports adapted to the mistakes they made from the first time they played this point, as they closed out nepal with 3:1 win.
The second map was Hanamura, chosen by Misfits, as it seems to be their map of choice in this Group Stage phase. They opted for defence which is considered to the the easier side on this map. After HE captured 1st point in quick fashion, it took them a while to finish the second objective, with only 43 seconds on the clock. One could argue that even finishing the second point is hard enough. Once the side swapped, Misfits finished the second objective rather quickly, as they snowballed from the 1st point, having more than 3 minutes left for the second round. Nevix contributed a lot with his genji’s dragon blade, as he swiped enemies coming from spawn very quickly. At the end, Misfits evened out the series, capturing the 1st point, after a failed attempt from HE as they had little time to complete the objective.
The final map in the series was Hollywood, as Hammers Esports decided to start on the attacking side. They completed the side with 0 seconds left on the clock. Snizzlenose’s hooks played an important role on the attack, as he has been doing well on Road Hog throughout the tournament. Misfit’s attack was the same as HE’s as both teams ended up attacking sides in overtime. After both teams second attempt, the map ended up in a draw, and a tiebreaker was played on Oasis, over a best of three points. Misfits took both points in quick fashion, as their composition and team fights seemed way better then HE’s. They ended up as thr first team that went undefeated in the series throughout the whole group stages, with a flawless score of 5-0.

The second map was between EX ALTERNATE and Movistar Riders. The opening map was Volskaya Industries as Movistar Riders started on attack. They capped both points with a little over 3 minutes left on the clock, as they snowballed after the 1st point , which took them a short while to acquire. After the sides swapped, EX ALTERNATE went for a solo tank composition, which also included Widow Maker on Invision, but this didn’t bring them any success. Once they swapped the composition, they managed to capture the 1st point, as Movistar Riders secured the first map.
The next map was Hollywood, EX ALTERNATE pick, as they started as defence. Movistar finished the 1st side with 1:19 on the clock.

Once the sides swapped, EX ALTERNATE didn’t manage to win the last point, even though they had 4 minute on the clock after the second point to complete it. Movistar Raiders finished the series with 2-0 victory.

The last set for European Group two was Dignitas against Singularity Ninjas. The starting map was Numbani as Dignitas opted for defence. Their defence proved to be too hard to handle on the first point for Singularity as they didn’t even finish the first objective. Linkzr had some good plays as genji on this side. Once the sides swapped, Dignitas captured the first point in the first attack, as they won map number one.

Singularity selected Nepal as their map of choice. In the first two points, the teams played evenly, as Singularity won Sanctrum, as Dignitas won the Village. The third point was played on Shrine, where Singularity reached 99%, before Dignitas started to make a comeback, and win themselves a point. The fourth point was played yet again on Village, where Dignitas yet again proved to be a better team, as they closed out Nepal with a 3-1 scoreline.

That was it for European Group 2. We would like to congratulate the teams that have progressed to the playoffs. Make sure to follow North American Group Stage, as things are getting interesting.

March 31, 2017

The first match of the North American division started with Sefless Gaming who have been on a roll recently, and Gale Force eSports, a team that was invited after Immortals decided to drop out of the tournament. The starting map was Hollywood and GFE found themselves on the attack, quickly finishing the first objective in the first attempt. However they did have trouble with the final objective, fiinishing it in overtime with no time left on the clock. Once the sides had swapped, SG showed amazing attacking prowess as they finished the map wih 2:46 secs left on the clock, leaving them an easy route to close out a map which they did successfully as GFE ran out of time.
The second map was Volskaya Industries, and GFE opted to start as defence. Both of the teams had a good attacking half, with GFE having around 30 seconds more then SG on the second attempt. After the second attack rounds, GFE finished attacking faster and were left with 3:10 secs on the clock, while SG only had a minute left. On the third attempt, GFE finally won capturing both points with time remaining, while SG only got the first one, making the score 6:5 overall and 1-1 in series.
The last map was selected by SG, and they chose Nepal. Almost every engagement went in SG’s favor for the first 2 points. GFE managed to cap it to 99% on the last point, before SG made a huge comeback, and closed out the map with a 3:0 victory, and a 2-1 series win.

The next matchup was between Complexity and Rise Nation. Interestingly, Complexity played with 2 players based in Europe. The starting map was Numbani as Rise Nation started as defence. RN bought alot of time on second point as they spawn killed the Complexity team using Spirit’s Pharah very aggressively. Complexity managed to aquire 2 objective points on attack, which at the end wasn’t enough, as RN got all 3 done, as they won Numbani.
For the second map, Complexity opted for Hanamura, as they started in defence. Rise Nation had a fantastic attack, finishing both objectives with 6:04 secs left on clock. As the sides, swapped, Complexity had a hard time on attack, barely finishing the second objective, having only 1 minute left for the second attempt, which ultimately cost them the game. The series ended up 2-0 in Rise Nations favor.

The last set of the day featured LG.Evil versus Counter Logic Gaming. The starting map was control point map Nepal. Village was the first point as both teams opened without genji, and mercy plus pharah combo. The second point featured CLG’s attempt to use Orisa and Reinhardt and gain the central point, as it was on Sanctum, which didn’t work out in their favor. The third point was played on Shrine, which featured the same compositions, and this time CLG got the upper hand, as they scored their first point. Village was played yet again, with the same compositions, but this time, CLG evened out the score to 2:2. The last point also went in CLG favor. This time they didn’t experiment with compositions, and went with what worked for them in the previous point, closing out the first map with a 3:2 win.
The second map was Hollywood as LG.Evil opted to start as defence. CLG managed to finish the attack with 0 secs left on the clock. Once the sides swapped, LG.Evil finished the attack quickly with 1:12 secs left, which was enough for them to finish the first point in overtime, as they pushed the series to third map.
Hanamura was selected by CLG as the third map. They started as defence, and took a composition which was made of orisa and torbjorn, picks that some might consider outside of the current meta. LG.Evil finished the attack with 4:39 secs left on the clock. CLG did show their better side on attack, as they finished the map with a minute deficit over LG.Evil. At the end, LG.Evil won 2-1 after they managed to finish both objectives in the second round, as CLG failed to finish the second one.

March 28, 2017

The final day of the European Group 1 stage brought us some interesting matchups. The matches would decide the 4th place in the group, then leading to the playoff phases of the tournament. At the start of the new week, the maps pool changed which makes things even more exciting and more unpredictable as so far, we haven’t seen teams play on these maps yet. Laser Kittenz needed to beat both GO, and EX- ROX had to lose versus eUnited for them to advance, while GO just had to win their series to advance to the playoff stage. Laser Kittenz also swapped out Zaprey for Spazzo as they entered todays set.

The opening match featured GamersOrigin and Laser Kittenz. The starting map was Hollywood, as GO opened the match as attack, and only managed to finish the first checkpoint, with only more then half of the 2nd objective completed. Interestingly, Laser Kittenz played a very agressive defensive game, not allowing GO to get their game up and execute things how they wanted. Once Laser Kittenz swapped to attack, thy found it fairly easy, only being briefly stopped on second checkpoint.
On the second map, Nepal was picked by GO. Things didn’t go as planned for GO, as they found themselves quickly 0-2 down, with some crucial mistakes as they left nobody on point while both teams had 99%. At the end, the match was closed out with Laser Kittenz winning, with a 3-1 scoreline, and a 2-0 set victory.
The second match was more of a seeding matter, as both Ninjas in Pyjamas and Vivi’s Adventure advanced to the playoffs phase of the tournament. The starting map was Volskaya industries which NiP managed to win on the second attack round on the first point, as Vivi’s Adventure failed to capture it.

Vivi’s Adventure opted for Nepal next, as it proved to be not the most ideal choice for them. NiP took the map convincingly with Vivi only winning Shrine as their single point on the map.
Last series of the day between EX-ROX and eUnited decided everything for the CIS side, as a win would make them advance over Laser Kittenz since they managed to beat them 2-1. The first map was Numbani, which ended up in a draw, as both teams managed to finish the map with almost no time left. In the second attack attempt, both teams failed to aquire the first checkpoint. A tie breaker was played on Oasis in a BO3 format, where both teams won a single point each, before eUnited managed to claim the last one, winning map number one.
Nepal was seleted next by CIS side, as they found themselves 0-2 down very quickly. They managed to win control point Shrine and Village back in the next 2 points, but ultimately lost 3:2, as eUnited claimed the last point.

Congratulations to the teams that advanced to the playoffs. Make sure to tune in tommorow (28.03) when our second European Group starts.

March 27, 2017

Day 3 kicked off with Gamers Origin playing against team eUnited. Gamers Origin opted to pick an attacking side on Kings Row after winning the coin toss. eUnited defended the first push effectively, with both tracer and genji picking off GO’s supports. With a minute left on the clock, GO managed to break the first point. The second point was successfully defended by eUnited, as GO didn’t manage to utilize their ultimates to fullest extent, with pharah getting picked off after getting a single kill with rocket barrage. Kruise did a lot with his genji at this point, which contributed a lot to their successful defence.
After swapping sides, eUnited took the first point in blitzkrieg style, taking dive composition, and winning the point on the first push. Gamers Origin defence was poor on this side, as eUnited pushed the payload to victory with almost zero resistance. Unfixed’s soldier also contributed with the tactical visor as he picked players off trying to reach the payload.
The second map was Illios. eUnited aquired the first point with almost no resistance, as they controlled the well, and had a superior position, GO was forced to enter fights with a massive disadvantage. Both of the teams were running identical compositions. On the second point, GO got the better end of the first fight, as they captured the point. Leaf’s genji was doing superb, as he managed to get multiple kills with dragon blade. Eventually, eUnited evened the playing field, as both teams reached 99%, with GO winning the point at the end. For the third point, GO opted to pick pharah with mercy, as they tried to apply pressure on eUnited’s composition.

With Poko’s pharah in play, flying around shooting rockets, the only thing left to do was for Leaf finishing off enemies with low health points, which he was very good at. As GO reached 88% of control point, eUnited started crawling their way back, with good use of ultimates, they won every team fight until the end. As the score was 2:1, for eUnited, we’re back at Ruins, and this time, eUnited claims the point first, and hold it down, as they close the series with a 3:1 victory, and 2-0 scoreline.
The second set of the day featured EX-ROX up against Ninjas in Pyjamas. The opening map was Illios, as both teams clashed to win the first point. NIP aquired the first point without much contest. EX ROX Cooller’s pharah only paid off once NIP got 99% of the point.

However as soon as NIP respawned, they stormed the point and there was nothing much EX-ROX could do to stop them. The second point was played on Lighthouse, Cypher decided to take Pharah, as Cooller took solider. Even though NIP aquired the point at the start, it only lasted for a short amount of time, as EX-ROX pushed them back. At the end, it was a close fight, as NIP closed out Lighthouse, now leading 2:0. Noteable mention is Hyzmi’s Road Hog, which has been pivotal to NIP’s success for most of the games that they have won in Overwatch Pit Championship. Third point was Ruins, as NIP once again aquired the point first and this time, as on lighthouse, EX-ROX managed to reclaim it back. CIS looked very good side on this point as they managed to bring it to 70%, but yet again NIP’s superior teamfights and decision making proved to be too much as they closed out the map with a 3:0 win.
After the first map, Oasis was selected by team CIS, which seems to be their map of choice, since they have picked it in almost every series so far. The first point was played on Gardens and it was all about NIP, as closed EX ROX decisively out. The second point took battle to City centre, as both teams opted to go Pharah as one of their DPS choices. The only difference was EX ROX took mercy, while NIP did not, having Ana instead. Fuse’s tracer was surely an annoyance for NIP, as he frequently managed to get behind enemy lines, often dealing lot of damage. In the end both teams scored 99%, with EX ROX evening the score.

The next point was University, as both teams this time decided to have tracer. An interesting choice happened on the EX-ROX side, as their Cooler decided to go for Sombra, which at the end didn’t turn out so well, as he didn’t get any noticable EMP’s which would have turned the fight in their favor. The fourth point took us back to City Centre, with NIP leading 2:1. Both teams stuck to similar compositions, as Cypher decided to go Genji this time. This time Zappis’s Pharah did more, and NIP ended up winning the match 3:1, closing out the series with 2:0 victory.
Last set of the day featured Laser Kittenz facing the winner of the open qualfier, Vivi’s adventure. As Afoxx couldn’t play due to internet issues, Vivi was forced to use standin Boombox as their 6th player. The starting map was Eichenwalde, with Vivi’s Adventure winning the coin flip, and opting for an attacking side. Vivi’s managed to take the first point with 2 minutes left on the clock, thanks to their dive composition, although they did get stalled by Laser Kittenz after they managed to capture the payload. On the second point, both teams ran similar compositions, the only difference being the zenyatta pick on Vivi’s side, while LK decided to go with Ana. Both of the teams revolved heavily around Genji, as Kyb did get more than Henzu with his dragon blade. With Henzu switching Genji to Road Hog, Vivi finished the attacking side with 15 seconds left on the clock.
Once the sides were swapped, it was clear that LK had adopted a different approach to attacking on Eichenwalde, as they went with Pharah on Nesh, trying to zone the Vivi’s side. LK claimed the 1st point with more then 2 minutes and 30 seconds left on the clock. The second point featured Diva on both sides, with no Solider and Ana in play for LK’s side. With a minute left on the clock for the last point, LK decided to swap composition in a attempt at one last push, which ultimately failed, as Vivi’s Adventure wins the map.
Oasis was chosen as LK’s pick. The first point was Garden. LK decided to go with Pharah plus Mercy combo, as the point is quite open, while Vivi’s Adventure went with more poke composition. Both teams came to 99% of the point, as LK got it in the end due to better focusing on individual targets. The second point featured University as Vivi’s Adventure went with solo tank Winston, unlike Laser Kittenz that decide to run both Reinhart and Road Hog as their tank lineup, with even Zarya added later on. LK closed out this point as well, as their composition proved to be better. City Centre featured both teams running Pharah and Mercy combo. At the end Oasis gets claimed by LK, with Nesh being on fire almost throughout the whole of the last round.

Last map of the series was Vivi’s adventure pick. They also decided to start as offence and they wasted no time, as they reached checkpoint before thr last point with 4 minutes left on the clock. With almost no resistance by LK’s side, they finished the side with 2 minutes and 10 seconds left on the clock. Once the sides were swapped, it was clear that LK had trouble attacking the first point, as they capprd it with just 1 minute 30 seconds left on clock. At the end, Vivi’s Adventure successfully defended the last point, and won the series with a 2:1 scoreline.