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North American Group Stage Division – First Day

March 31, 2017

The first match of the North American division started with Sefless Gaming who have been on a roll recently, and Gale Force eSports, a team that was invited after Immortals decided to drop out of the tournament. The starting map was Hollywood and GFE found themselves on the attack, quickly finishing the first objective in the first attempt. However they did have trouble with the final objective, fiinishing it in overtime with no time left on the clock. Once the sides had swapped, SG showed amazing attacking prowess as they finished the map wih 2:46 secs left on the clock, leaving them an easy route to close out a map which they did successfully as GFE ran out of time.
The second map was Volskaya Industries, and GFE opted to start as defence. Both of the teams had a good attacking half, with GFE having around 30 seconds more then SG on the second attempt. After the second attack rounds, GFE finished attacking faster and were left with 3:10 secs on the clock, while SG only had a minute left. On the third attempt, GFE finally won capturing both points with time remaining, while SG only got the first one, making the score 6:5 overall and 1-1 in series.
The last map was selected by SG, and they chose Nepal. Almost every engagement went in SG’s favor for the first 2 points. GFE managed to cap it to 99% on the last point, before SG made a huge comeback, and closed out the map with a 3:0 victory, and a 2-1 series win.

The next matchup was between Complexity and Rise Nation. Interestingly, Complexity played with 2 players based in Europe. The starting map was Numbani as Rise Nation started as defence. RN bought alot of time on second point as they spawn killed the Complexity team using Spirit’s Pharah very aggressively. Complexity managed to aquire 2 objective points on attack, which at the end wasn’t enough, as RN got all 3 done, as they won Numbani.
For the second map, Complexity opted for Hanamura, as they started in defence. Rise Nation had a fantastic attack, finishing both objectives with 6:04 secs left on clock. As the sides, swapped, Complexity had a hard time on attack, barely finishing the second objective, having only 1 minute left for the second attempt, which ultimately cost them the game. The series ended up 2-0 in Rise Nations favor.

The last set of the day featured LG.Evil versus Counter Logic Gaming. The starting map was control point map Nepal. Village was the first point as both teams opened without genji, and mercy plus pharah combo. The second point featured CLG’s attempt to use Orisa and Reinhardt and gain the central point, as it was on Sanctum, which didn’t work out in their favor. The third point was played on Shrine, which featured the same compositions, and this time CLG got the upper hand, as they scored their first point. Village was played yet again, with the same compositions, but this time, CLG evened out the score to 2:2. The last point also went in CLG favor. This time they didn’t experiment with compositions, and went with what worked for them in the previous point, closing out the first map with a 3:2 win.
The second map was Hollywood as LG.Evil opted to start as defence. CLG managed to finish the attack with 0 secs left on the clock. Once the sides swapped, LG.Evil finished the attack quickly with 1:12 secs left, which was enough for them to finish the first point in overtime, as they pushed the series to third map.
Hanamura was selected by CLG as the third map. They started as defence, and took a composition which was made of orisa and torbjorn, picks that some might consider outside of the current meta. LG.Evil finished the attack with 4:39 secs left on the clock. CLG did show their better side on attack, as they finished the map with a minute deficit over LG.Evil. At the end, LG.Evil won 2-1 after they managed to finish both objectives in the second round, as CLG failed to finish the second one.