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Q&A with Playoff teams

April 9, 2017

After 2 weeks of intense matches, Group Stages are concluded. We have our 8 teams for each regions that will participate in Playoffs. Teams are as following.


  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Misfits
  • Movistar Riders
  • eUnited
  • Vivi’s Adventure
  • Team Dignitas
  • Laser Kittenz
  • SNG Ninjas

North America

  • Selfless Gaming
  • Rogue
  • Faze Clan
  • Team Liquid
  • Rise Nation
  • CLG
  • LG Loyal
  • LG Evil

We also asked few teams couple of questions, to see how they feel about their performance in Group Stages and upcoming Playoffs. The Questions are as following.

How would you rate your team’s performance during Group Stages? Are you satisfied with it? What was your hardest match? What do you expect in playoffs, what placement would you consider good?

NIP Seita – Going in to the group stage games we were expecting to finish first or second in our group depending on how our game with eUnited would go. We ended up performing in our match against eUnited while they might have underperformed a bit which gave us the clean 2-0 victory. Our hardest match was against Laser Kittenz where everything started smoothly with a decisive win on Eichenwalde and a 2-0 lead in Oasis, after that they were able to overcome the odds while our team wasn’t playing up to the normal standard. In the playoffs our goal is to win the tournament. We expect to be in the top3 with eUnited and Misfits, while Riders could be a possible contender for the top 3 as well. It all depends on how the teams will be able to perform on the game day.

Vivi’s VampAurora – We are satisfied with our performance during Group Stages, we had some roster instabilities which are now sorted and we are ready to unleash our potential. Our hardest matches were against NiP and eUnited but we are confident that we can overcome the difficulties and win both. We aim for the title but we consider top 4 as a good placement.

Singularity Lind – We performed quite well, we hoped to play abit close with Dignitas after our strong showing against movistar riders and Hammers esport tho, but overall we are very satisfied. Our hardest match was without a doubt against Misfits they are just so good right now and we have no experience against them. We are hoping for a good match against NiP but we are not expecting a win, we would, however, like to make it a close match!

Dignitas’s Shifty – We started off slower than we would have liked, but I liked how we played better as the Group Stage went on. No. I feel we should have gotten at least another win for me to be satisfied with it. Misfits. We got a pretty tough seeding placement which really shows how important another win in Group Stage would have been. That said, we go into each and every match with the means and expectations to win.

Selfless Crosby – Our hardest game was against LG Evil, especially Ilios, it was a real test of our ability to adapt to counter play. Evil pulled out some unique strats for us, but we managed to read it and come up with an answer, even after two demoralizing rounds. All in all, it’s hard to be disappointed with a 5-0, and hopefully the momentum keeps with us. We’re here to get first, we’ve worked our ass off for the last 2 months and performed extremely well in scrims; our expectations are very high.

Riders’s Sens – Pretty happy, considering we only lost vs Misfits and we really had a hard group. There were a lot of hard games imo. Specially againts Misfits, Dignitas and Hammers. Dignitas was pretty intense with some good comebacks from both teams. Also SNG Ninjas showed up that they were better than expected. Alternate ATTAX played quite good on their other matches, but we feel like they didnt perform that good against us, probably due to they knew they had no chance to move forward on the tournament. I expect that every single match is gonna be hard. If we want to move forward on the tourney, we will have to give it all on every match. * Related with placement, we care more about competing at our maximum level.

Laser’s Kittenz Alicus – We only got to scrim 2 days as a team prior to when the group stage began, so we were still really figuring ourselves out. We ended up making 2 role changes and subbing in spazzo, so group stage overall was abit chaotic but in the end we got the result we needed and some time to prepare for playoffs. Yes. We got the job done. Couldn’t have asked more of such a fresh roster. I genuinely believe our toughest opponent throughout that stage was ourselves. We had to iron out communications and work on playing more seamlessly, as a team. I’m not sure what to expect. We play my old team, Misfits, in the quarterfinals, they haven’t lost a series ever since they returned from Korea. We never got to scrim against them so it will be the first time we both face off, I expect it to be an exciting series. I think there’s no shame if we were to crash out to Misfits in the QF’s but I think top 2 would be good.