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Recap Day 3 European Group Stage

March 27, 2017

Day 3 kicked off with Gamers Origin playing against team eUnited. Gamers Origin opted to pick an attacking side on Kings Row after winning the coin toss. eUnited defended the first push effectively, with both tracer and genji picking off GO’s supports. With a minute left on the clock, GO managed to break the first point. The second point was successfully defended by eUnited, as GO didn’t manage to utilize their ultimates to fullest extent, with pharah getting picked off after getting a single kill with rocket barrage. Kruise did a lot with his genji at this point, which contributed a lot to their successful defence.
After swapping sides, eUnited took the first point in blitzkrieg style, taking dive composition, and winning the point on the first push. Gamers Origin defence was poor on this side, as eUnited pushed the payload to victory with almost zero resistance. Unfixed’s soldier also contributed with the tactical visor as he picked players off trying to reach the payload.
The second map was Illios. eUnited aquired the first point with almost no resistance, as they controlled the well, and had a superior position, GO was forced to enter fights with a massive disadvantage. Both of the teams were running identical compositions. On the second point, GO got the better end of the first fight, as they captured the point. Leaf’s genji was doing superb, as he managed to get multiple kills with dragon blade. Eventually, eUnited evened the playing field, as both teams reached 99%, with GO winning the point at the end. For the third point, GO opted to pick pharah with mercy, as they tried to apply pressure on eUnited’s composition.

With Poko’s pharah in play, flying around shooting rockets, the only thing left to do was for Leaf finishing off enemies with low health points, which he was very good at. As GO reached 88% of control point, eUnited started crawling their way back, with good use of ultimates, they won every team fight until the end. As the score was 2:1, for eUnited, we’re back at Ruins, and this time, eUnited claims the point first, and hold it down, as they close the series with a 3:1 victory, and 2-0 scoreline.
The second set of the day featured EX-ROX up against Ninjas in Pyjamas. The opening map was Illios, as both teams clashed to win the first point. NIP aquired the first point without much contest. EX ROX Cooller’s pharah only paid off once NIP got 99% of the point.

However as soon as NIP respawned, they stormed the point and there was nothing much EX-ROX could do to stop them. The second point was played on Lighthouse, Cypher decided to take Pharah, as Cooller took solider. Even though NIP aquired the point at the start, it only lasted for a short amount of time, as EX-ROX pushed them back. At the end, it was a close fight, as NIP closed out Lighthouse, now leading 2:0. Noteable mention is Hyzmi’s Road Hog, which has been pivotal to NIP’s success for most of the games that they have won in Overwatch Pit Championship. Third point was Ruins, as NIP once again aquired the point first and this time, as on lighthouse, EX-ROX managed to reclaim it back. CIS looked very good side on this point as they managed to bring it to 70%, but yet again NIP’s superior teamfights and decision making proved to be too much as they closed out the map with a 3:0 win.
After the first map, Oasis was selected by team CIS, which seems to be their map of choice, since they have picked it in almost every series so far. The first point was played on Gardens and it was all about NIP, as closed EX ROX decisively out. The second point took battle to City centre, as both teams opted to go Pharah as one of their DPS choices. The only difference was EX ROX took mercy, while NIP did not, having Ana instead. Fuse’s tracer was surely an annoyance for NIP, as he frequently managed to get behind enemy lines, often dealing lot of damage. In the end both teams scored 99%, with EX ROX evening the score.

The next point was University, as both teams this time decided to have tracer. An interesting choice happened on the EX-ROX side, as their Cooler decided to go for Sombra, which at the end didn’t turn out so well, as he didn’t get any noticable EMP’s which would have turned the fight in their favor. The fourth point took us back to City Centre, with NIP leading 2:1. Both teams stuck to similar compositions, as Cypher decided to go Genji this time. This time Zappis’s Pharah did more, and NIP ended up winning the match 3:1, closing out the series with 2:0 victory.
Last set of the day featured Laser Kittenz facing the winner of the open qualfier, Vivi’s adventure. As Afoxx couldn’t play due to internet issues, Vivi was forced to use standin Boombox as their 6th player. The starting map was Eichenwalde, with Vivi’s Adventure winning the coin flip, and opting for an attacking side. Vivi’s managed to take the first point with 2 minutes left on the clock, thanks to their dive composition, although they did get stalled by Laser Kittenz after they managed to capture the payload. On the second point, both teams ran similar compositions, the only difference being the zenyatta pick on Vivi’s side, while LK decided to go with Ana. Both of the teams revolved heavily around Genji, as Kyb did get more than Henzu with his dragon blade. With Henzu switching Genji to Road Hog, Vivi finished the attacking side with 15 seconds left on the clock.
Once the sides were swapped, it was clear that LK had adopted a different approach to attacking on Eichenwalde, as they went with Pharah on Nesh, trying to zone the Vivi’s side. LK claimed the 1st point with more then 2 minutes and 30 seconds left on the clock. The second point featured Diva on both sides, with no Solider and Ana in play for LK’s side. With a minute left on the clock for the last point, LK decided to swap composition in a attempt at one last push, which ultimately failed, as Vivi’s Adventure wins the map.
Oasis was chosen as LK’s pick. The first point was Garden. LK decided to go with Pharah plus Mercy combo, as the point is quite open, while Vivi’s Adventure went with more poke composition. Both teams came to 99% of the point, as LK got it in the end due to better focusing on individual targets. The second point featured University as Vivi’s Adventure went with solo tank Winston, unlike Laser Kittenz that decide to run both Reinhart and Road Hog as their tank lineup, with even Zarya added later on. LK closed out this point as well, as their composition proved to be better. City Centre featured both teams running Pharah and Mercy combo. At the end Oasis gets claimed by LK, with Nesh being on fire almost throughout the whole of the last round.

Last map of the series was Vivi’s adventure pick. They also decided to start as offence and they wasted no time, as they reached checkpoint before thr last point with 4 minutes left on the clock. With almost no resistance by LK’s side, they finished the side with 2 minutes and 10 seconds left on the clock. Once the sides were swapped, it was clear that LK had trouble attacking the first point, as they capprd it with just 1 minute 30 seconds left on clock. At the end, Vivi’s Adventure successfully defended the last point, and won the series with a 2:1 scoreline.