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Second Day of Open Qualifiers – RECAP

March 17, 2017

Second day of Overwatch Pit Open Qualifiers is now complete. We can now announce the additional group stage teams.

European finalists are:

  • Vivi’s Adventure

The day started off with ALTERNATE aTTax facing HELSINKI reds on Hollywood and Numbani. Both teams managed to pass the 1st point on Hollywood, however ALTERNAT aTTax pushed harder on the second point, and secured the 1st map point for their team. On Numbani, ALTERNATE aTTax finished all 3 objectives, while HELSINKI reds didn’t finish the last one which resulted in a 3:2 scoreline, and a set for ALTERNATE aTTaX.

The second set featured Vivi’s Adventure going head to head with Singularity Ninjas. The first map for this set was also Hollywood, and the second map was Eichewalde. Vivi’s Adventure dominated map 1, and once they had the advantage, they didn’t let go of it. The first map already ended on the 1st point, as Singularity Ninjas were unable to capture the 1st point on attack and defended poorly. This resulted in them losing the objective during the first attack by Vivi’s Adventure. The second map featured a fiercely contested battle on the first objective, as both teams manage to complete it with only a little time on the clock. However, Vivi’s adventure pulled the payload further away on the second objective, and closed the series with a 2-0 victory.

The finals featured Vivi’s adventure playing ALETERNATE aTTax for the group stage selection. The series kicked off on Dorado, and finished in overtime in Vivi’s Adventure favour; as they had 51 seconds more on the clock to finish the 1st objective. The second map was the only capture map played in the semi-finals and finals (Ilios), and it also ended up in Vivi’s adventure favour, as they manage to close the last map with a 3-1 scoreline.

North American finalists are:

  • You guys get paid?
  • Selfless Gaming

The first North American semi-finals kicked off between Gale Force eSports and a team called „you guys get paid?“ The set started off on Lijiang tower with „you guys get paid?“ hitting 2 points in quick fashion. However Gale Force eSports managed to fix the mistakes from the first 2 rounds, and made a comeback closing the map with a 3:2 victory. The second map of the series was Numbani with both of the teams defending the 1st point, and the map was declared a draw. The third map of the series went to Nepal where again it went to 5 rounds, but this time „you guys get paid?” Managed to come out on top. As the score ended up 1-1-1 after regular time, the decider was played on Lijiang tower in a best out of 1 round.

The last semi-finals of the day featured a team that a lot of people have been talking about lately – Selfless Gaming going up against Counter Logic Gaming. The starting map was Temple of Anubis. CLG started off strong, denying Selfless gaming the second objective, and securing the 1st map point for their team. The second map was Hollywood, picked by Selfless Gaming where they demonstrated why they are so highly regarding in the NA scene. The third map was Eichenwalde, where Selfless gaming claimed the victory on the second objective by managing to finish it, unlike CLG who fell short a few meters to do the same.

The Grand finals featured the North American surprise, also known as „You guys get paid? “ versus Selfless gaming. The set kicked off on the old time favourite, King’s row. Selfless Gaming simply had a better attack than the YGGP’s guys as they edged them out with a 3:2 objective scoreline. The second map was Temple of Anubis, where SG finished all the objectives by a 4 minute mark, and YGGP’s attack just folded on trying to break the second objective. At the end, Selfless Gaming won the North American Open Qualifier, with a 2:0 score over YGGP.

Here is what the teams had to say on their qualifiers run, and group stage expectations.

ATN | Crnkz – we feel pretty good and we were quite confident that we could make it through if we play at our best. Depending on how the groups will be we could do well in group stages since we have beaten some of these teams in the past.


Vivi’s Adventure VampAurora – It feels really good that we managed to qualify and we certainly believe that our efforts are paying off. We saw Red Reserve as the hardest match up in our overall run and beating them just boosted our confidence. We are really looking forward to compete in the group stages and we are confident that we will perform well


You guys got paid?’ MrSquishee – we are still in shock. That was definitely one of the closest series we’ve ever played and it took everything for us to come back to win after a rough start. We expected to win, but we definitely had to earn it. No idea about the group stages.


Selfless gaming’s LegitRc – We’re happy to win the qualifier, especially since we came from a loss in a first map again. We expect to go all the way in the tournament given our current level.